GC Lifewear launches Much Awaited  "Genesis" Clothing Line

The Story

This week marks a milestone from what started as just a dream many years ago.  A dream of clothing designs that share the history and message of God.

We often advertise other peoples names or logos on what we wear, why not advertise something of far greater significance.


Hearing the Voice of God

Sometimes you have to learn to hear the voice of God and he doesn't always speak the way we would expect.  Not long after my initial dream of creating a clothing line, I had people walking by me who I had never met telling me my shirt would look great with the name "Jesus" on it.

The signs didn't stop there, people told me how they had dreams of me giving away my clothing to kids, others saw me telling people filled with stadiums about the shirts.

Two years ago much of the artwork and logos had been completed but somehow completing everything fell by the side.


The Final Generation

I believe the entire idea of representing God on clothing ties into the bible speaking of a final generation that preaches the gospel in all the earth and then the end comes.

"And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come." Matthew 24:14

It tells us the signs to watch for just before Jesus returns, when all the signs begin to line up, even mentioning territories (in Ezekiel 38-39) such as Russia, nations such as Iran / Persia, and other surrounding areas that would be working together. Despite knowing all this, sometimes it's easy to get caught up in our day to day life. 

Recently I had a series of dreams again, telling me that if I waited any longer  on this clothing line I would miss the opportunity.

Now, after much anticipation... the word was spoken:


"Let the Genesis Line be created."

ha ha..but really we are celebrating with a huge limited time promotion: EVERTHING ON SALE PLUS an EXTRA discount on our HOMEPAGE (Use Promo Code "PreSale20" during checkout for an extra 20% off all prices). 

You can check out the new Genesis line @

In addition we will be giving away pieces from our new collection to at least two people per week who like and share our Facebook page.


We must "The Great Commission" in Matthew 28:16, to go out "and make disciples of all nations.." and wearing the message on our clothing is one way to begin.



Steven & Leontyne




April 23, 2017 by Steven Lazerus